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Adelaide Hills Has Lowest Uptake of Child Immunisation

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The Adelaide Hills has one of the lowest take-up rates of child immunisation in Australia. Why? And more importantly, is it putting our community at risk? Adelaide Hills Magazine looks at an issue that inflames passions on both sides of the debate…

Millions of people died from smallpox before the disease was eradicated by a program of vaccination. Polio crippled and killed thousands of Australians only a few decades ago. So why is immunisation such a hard sell for some? In AHM’s AUTUMN 11 edition, writer Susan Harrington looks at why the Adelaide Hills has one of the lowest rates of immunisation in Australia- are those infamous ‘Hills Hippies’ at fault?

Professor Paddy Phillips is SA’s Chief Medical Officer. He says that people are falling for claims that have been proven fraudulent again and again, and that immunisation saves lives.

Opponents of immunisation say they’re doing their research and making informed choices about their children’s health, but what exactly are they basing their decision on? Val Fairbank from Mount Barker Council’s free clinic claims “many people believe personalities who go on Oprah more than they trust science.”

It’s an issue that provokes heated debate, and one that has important ramifications for public health.

Have you read the story? What are your thoughts?

Read more in the AUTUMN 11 edition of The Adelaide Hills Magazine, out now at newsagents.

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