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Mobile Parenting Support Coming To Adelaide

Posted by Kelly Noble on Nov 5th, 2012 and filed under Breaking News, Featured, Parents. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can leave a response or trackback to this entry

Renowned Sydney-based parenting support team Whispers Cottage is expanding, bringing sleep and calm to Adelaide babies and their families, in their own homes.

Whispers Cottage is a private nursing practice run by registered nurses, midwives and child and family health nurses, caring for mothers and babies with feeding problems, sleep and settling issues, and mild postnatal depression.

Founder, Mothercraft nurse and midwife Leanne McNamara is renowned in the field, often quoted in the news, and works closely with various hospitals. She’s passionate about her mission, saying “I love the close association we develop with our clients, we get to know them so well, it’s a very personal thing when you go into a client’s family home at a vulnerable time, sleep deprivation can make people feel insecure and uncertain of their direction. At Whispers we feel privileged to be invited in to someone’s home to assist, and we love getting to know our families well this way.”

Whispers Cottage has operated since 2003 in Sydney’s South, as a highly successful, award-winning private day stay program. In early 2012 Whispers Cottage joined forces with nursing agency Kemp Recruitment, paving the way to expand to other states where Kemp Recruitment is based. With the recent baby boom in Adelaide’s nothern suburbs*, Adelaide was the logical next base to meet the growing need for support for new parents.

Whispers Cottage has received glowing testimonials from families over the years, the true proof of Whispers’ success. And it’s not only first-time parents benefitting from the services. Says Elijah’s mum, Ruth, “You would think sixth time around, mothering would be easy. I thought it would be. Then I had Elijah. By six weeks, breastfeeding was unbearably painful and it wasn’t getting any better. Elijah wasn’t putting on enough weight and there was a lot of crying from both Elijah and me as day in day out things were only getting worse. Whispers Cottage provided support and information to help me through the next three months. Now at four and a half months old, Elijah is back on track for weight gain, sleeps through the night, is in a much better routine, can breastfeed properly, and is a much much happier baby! Which of course means I am a much happier mother too!”

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